Evaporative Coolers And The Repair Of Leak Issues

If you use an evaporative or swamp cooler in your home or garage to keep you cool, then you should know that these devices may sometimes need repairs with the help of an HVAC professional. Maintenance and repairs are best completed as soon as you notice a problem. And, one of the main issues involves the leaking of water from the unit. Find out more about some of the more common causes of this issue and how a professional may complete the repair. 

Float Valve Issues

Swamp coolers are unique devices that use water, instead of refrigerant, to cool the air. The device holds water at the very bottom of the device in a pan or reservoir and a water supply line adds the water to the pan. A pump transfers the water to the two pads within the device. A fan forces warm air over the pads where it is cooled and then forced out into the home. 

To help ensure that there is more than enough water in the reservoir, a small device called a float valve is located in the pan. This is the same sort of valve that can be found in your toilet and sump pump. Essentially, the valve opens when water levels drop, and the float shifts to the bottom of the valve. As the water rises, the float starts to move upward and once it reaches the top of the valve, it is tripped to close. 

Sometimes, the float valve will stick or stop working completely and this will allow water to continually enter the reservoir. You will see a great deal of water leaking from the unit when this happens. To fix the issue, the float valve must be unstuck, adjusted, or replaced by your HVAC professional.

Cracked Water Lines

Water is moved directly from the reservoir to the pads with the help of water lines. And, they are typically made from copper to ensure longevity. However, the lines can crack through old age and general wear and tear. The larger the crack or break, the bigger the leak problem. Also, the reservoir can become cracked and the pads can shift inside their holders. All of these problems will cause more minor leaks that your HVAC professional can diagnose once the inside of the cooler is inspected. 

Most parts can be replaced to repair the leak. However, if copper lines are starting to burst, then this does signify that the evaporative cooler is reaching the end of its life. Your repair specialist may recommend a replacement in this case. 

For more information on evaporative cooler repair, reach out to a local HVAC contractor.