New Residents Of Old Houses May Want Plumbing Upgrades

When a family moves into an old house, they may already have realized that some plumbing upgrades will be desirable. Contractors providing residential plumbing services as well as heating and cooling service could be the most preferable. When the household needs maintenance or repair for the furnace and central air conditioner, they can call the same company.

Adding a Shower

Some older houses have a bathtub and no shower. There might be a clawfoot bathtub instead of a built-in model. If this family prefers showers, they can have a plumber install one. Setting up a handheld showerhead on a pole is a simpler option, but the new homeowners may not like the way this looks. 

A Second Bathroom

If the house only has one bathroom, the new homeowners may want the plumber to install another toilet. One convenient place for a second bathroom is a basement in good condition. It could just have a toilet along with a sink for washing hands, or it might also include a shower stall. Another possibility would be installing a toilet and sink in a first-floor laundry area. A second bathroom makes life more convenient for a family and their guests.

Toilet Shutoff Valve 

In an old house, the shutoff valve at the toilet could be frozen in place if nobody has turned it for many years. A plumber can fix this, which is important if the water ever needs to be turned off there for any reason.

Bathtub Hardware

The new residents may not like the bathtub hardware that manages flow rate and temperature. Some have a single-handle device that increases water flow while also raising the temperature. There's no way to control the flow volume separately. The household may prefer a version that raises the temperature as someone turns it and increases flow volume by pulling it out further.

Water Heater

The water heater might be too small for the family's needs, leaving the second person to bathe not having enough hot water. In some cases, a small heater doesn't even provide enough for a full tub. Plumbers can replace that appliance with one better suited to the size of the household.

Water Softener

Trails of rust under faucets and lime buildup around fixtures indicate a problem with hard water. The new residents might want the plumber to install a softener. 

New owners of old houses may contact plumbers to work on these types of projects and any others they would like completed.

For more information, contact a residential plumbing service.