2 Potential Problems Caused By Purchasing A Central A/C System Too Large For Your House

If your old central air conditioning system is worn down or has quit altogether, you may be looking to buy a new one to replace it. While looking over your options, you may consider buying a larger one, believing that it will keep your home cooler without running too often.

However, if you buy a unit that is too big for your home's space, you may find that the opposite is true. Below are a couple of potential problems that come with purchasing an oversized central A/C system for your house.

1.  Short-cycling Will Raise Your Energy Bills and Wear Out the Unit Faster

One problem with having an oversized A/C unit is that it will initially blow out a massive amount of cold air. However, because of this large, initial blast, the thermostat will read that the air is cool enough, causing the unit to shut off before the rest of the home is cool. Then, because there are still warm air pockets in the home, the system will turn back on within a few minutes.

Known as short-cycling, this issue will cause an increase in your home's energy bills because the system is constantly shutting itself off and on. This rapid cycling will also wear down the unit must faster than if you had one that was designed for your home's space.

2.  System Will Be Unable to Fully Remove the Moisture from Your Home's Air

Another potential problem with an oversized air conditioner is that it will not be able to fully remove the moisture from the air. As the appliance name indicates, the unit not only cools the air but also conditions it by removing excess humidity to make your home feel more comfortable.

However, if the system keeps short cycling, it will never stay on long enough to remove the humidity from the air. Because of this, you will find that your home feels muggy, warm, and uncomfortable. 

If your new A/C system is too large for your home, the constant cutting off and on of the unit will not cool your home and condition your air properly. It will only leave you with humid air, larger energy bills, and an overworked system that will wear down faster than normal. If you are uncertain what size unit your home needs, speak with an HVAC dealer—like Trane South—for personalized assistance choosing one to suit your household's needs.