The Pros And Cons Of Fleet Fueling Delivery Services

Fueling up your fleet of vehicles can be a chore. However, instead of having each car, truck or piece of machinery driven to a gas station and fueled up, you can hire a fleet fueling delivery service to come to you. The gas is transported right to your work site, where each vehicle can be fueled up. However, there are pros and cons to doing this. Learning about some of these pros and cons will help you decide if a fleet fueling delivery service is ideal for your business.

Disadvantages of a Fleet Fueling Delivery Service

  • Can Be Challenging If You Need Different Types of Fuel

One of the downsides to fleet fueling is that most tankers don't carry different types of fuel with them. As such, fleet fueling may be beneficial if most or all of the vehicles in your fleet use the same type of fuel. For example, if most of your fleet uses diesel, you need a fleet fueling delivery service that can bring you diesel. But if some of your fleet vehicles use diesel, some use propane and some use unleaded, you likely need three different tankers to come, as the tankers typically only carry one type of fuel. This can get pricey and time consuming. As such, carefully consider how many fuel types you need when deciding whether to have fleet fueling delivery services done.

  • Can Be Costly

The other disadvantage to hiring a fleet fueling delivery service is that it can be more expensive than using a fleet fueling card and having your employees gas up their vehicles as needed. This is because you are paying a company to bring the fuel directly to you and spend their time fueling up your fleet. It can be a huge time saver, but if your business is on a tight budget, the extra cost of this convenience may not be worth it or feasible.

Advantages of a Fleet Fueling Delivery Service

  • Can Increase Employee Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits to fleet fueling delivery services is that they can increase your employee's efficiency. If you require your employees to fuel up your fleet, you are wasting valuable time in your day. These employees may have to go out of their way to find a fueling station that offers the fuel they need, and they stand by while the vehicle or piece of machinery is fueled up. If this happens often, this can add up to countless hours each day or week spent just fueling up your vehicles. Most fleet fueling delivery services will come to the location where your vehicles are stored and fuel them up for you after hours. This helps ensure the vehicles and machinery have the fuel they need, allowing your skilled workers to use the machinery, rather than spending their time fueling it up.

  • Fuel Price Management

The other advantage to hiring a fleet fueling delivery service is that you have more control over fuel price management. When you hire a fleet fueling delivery service, you often lock in the price of your fuel for a period of time. This can help guard your business against fluctuating gas prices. Another benefit to this is that you know exactly how much you will be paying each time the vehicle is fueled up. If your employees are left to fuel the vehicle up, they may go to an expensive gas station simply based on its location. Hiring a service gives you more control over the price and helps you to better track exactly how much is being spent on fuel needs for your fleet.

Using a fleet fueling delivery service can be a convenient way to fuel up your fleet of vehicles or machinery without requiring your employees to do it. However, there are also a couple of downsides to this method of fueling as well. Learning about the pros and cons of fleet fueling delivery services can help you decide if this is the best way to get your fuel or whether sticking to your employees gassing up as needed is the best option for your business. If you're interested in hiring a fleet fueling delivery service, click to find out more.