When Your Heated Home Gets Hotter Than The Thermostat

On many cold nights, you're probably thankful for your heating system. But what happens when your home is getting hotter than you'd like, and the thermostat settings seem normal? Here are some things to consider.

The Thermostat May Be Broken

In some cases, a thermostat doesn't get accurate readings. It could be because the thermostat is placed in an area that is naturally colder or hotter than the rest of the house. The placement of heating sources or sources of direct sunlight can affect temperature readings by falsely heating the thermometer. The levelness of the thermostat may affect readings if you have a mercury thermostat, since that could be tipping the mercury level the wrong way.

But the thermostat may also just be broken, especially if it is old. If none of the fixes above changes the way your thermostat works, then you might want to just replace it.

Certain Rooms May Be Getting Too Much Heat

You might also be directing too much heat into certain areas and not enough into others. At heart that is a problem with faulty HVAC system. It means that you have too many heating vents in the areas that are getting too hot. If your thermostat is not near one of these heating vents, its temperature readings will continue to be low, even as the residents of your home start to boil. The solution could be to close several vents in the hottest rooms and see if more heating power is redirected to other spaces, making the home more even in temperature.

Your Settings May Be Too High

Over time, it's natural for you to find a go-to temperature setting where you feel most comfortable. And you may be basing your assumption that the house is too hot or too cold based on your temperature comfort zone. But, it's also possible that your comfort zone has changed. Things like hormone levels, activity level, and age can change how comfortable you feel at different temperatures. So there is some chance that your heating system isn't misbehaving at all.

But it if is, a heating services contractor can certainly take a look at your heating system and correct issues with performance, replacing parts and doing routine maintenance as needed. After all, having a heating system that you can rely on to keep your home comfortable is important, and heating repair checkups are always worth the investment.