The Benefits Of Mini-Split Air Conditioning

Many homes have a traditional HVAC system that uses ductwork to force cool air throughout your entire home. While central air systems are not bad, they have several shortcomings compared to other methods. Central AC will require a lot of dedicated space for all of the equipment, can require a lot of maintenance, and be difficult to install after a home is constructed. Mini-split air conditioning can be beneficial over central air conditioning in the following ways. 

No Mechanical Room Required

Do you have a small home without much extra space? It may be difficult to install a central air conditioning system based on how much room you need. The blower inside the home can take up quite a bit of room, often requiring its own mechanical room to keep everything.

This is not a problem with mini-split air conditioning. The unit is built into the wall of each room, and does not take up any floor space in the room. You just need to keep the path of the vent clear so that the air can flow from it.

No Ductwork Required

The hardest part about retrofitting a home with central air conditioning is running the ductwork. It will involve ripping open your walls or floors to place all of the vents, which is a very labor intensive job. It can make the cost of retrofitting a home with central air conditioning impractical. In addition, you may find yourself losing ceiling space to run ductwork across the top of a room if necessary.

Mini-split air conditioning doesn't have ductwork, so the cost of installing the system will be very minimal. There is no need to tear up parts of your home to put the ductwork in since it works without any ductwork at all.

Minimized Maintenance

Central air conditioning systems require quite a bit of maintenance to keep them up and running. You may find that the ductwork in your home develops leaks that need to be sealed periodically. If ignored, you could be losing cold air before it reaches its intended destination.

Mini-split air conditioners won't have this problem with ductwork because the ductwork is not needed. The air does not need to flow very far, which ensures that all air produces from the unit will be utilized in the home.

Speak with a local HVAC contractor for more information on mini-split air conditioning. They can let you know about more pros and cons that will help guide your decisions as to which method to use in your home.