With Good Maintenance You Can Increase The Lifespan Of Your Furnace

When it comes to furnaces, dirt accumulation is a common reason that many furnaces need to be repaired. The blower motor, the the blower itself, and the filter all need to be cleaned at least once a year to improve the efficiency of your furnace and prevent the need for emergency repairs. If the filter is clogged, your furnace is going to strain to work, causing a big decrease in the efficiency of your furnace. When a technician comes to clean your furnace, they will make sure that the unit is clean and everything is working properly. Small repairs now will impact how well your system can run to keep your home warm.

Get Your Furnace Serviced Twice a Year

If you want your furnace to run as efficiently as possible, having your furnace serviced in the spring and fall will keep it in good shape. When you only get your furnace serviced annually, get it done in the fall before you need to heat your home on a daily basis. A technician will come and replace your air filter, clean out the fan, pilot light and heat exchanger, and make any small repairs that are necessary.

Inspection of the Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger on your furnace can corrode or crack over time. If your system is allowed to run with a cracked heat exchanger, this is going to allow deadly carbon monoxide to seep into the air in your home. When you get your system inspected, the heat exchanger is one of the first elements checked for corrosion or damage.

Moving Parts are Lubricated

When all moving parts are properly lubricated, you will need less energy to run your furnace. Good lubrication allows for less friction, and will reduce the wear and tear on your furnace. You'll spend less money running your furnace because it will be more efficient. Any belts in your furnace will be checked for cracks and replaced as necessary.

The Cycling Will Be Checked

Your system will be turned on and off to see how fast your system cycles. A system that turns on and off too much without warming up the home may have an electrical or thermostat issue that needs to be addressed.

Good maintenance will improve the life of your furnace and allow you to keep your home warm for less money. To keep your furnace in good shape, get your furnace cleaned by a company like Moore Heating & Air Conditioning Inc  at least once a year.