Maintaining The Air Conditioning System In Your Home

Keeping your AC system working and ready to use is not difficult, but there are some things you can do to minimize the risk of problems with your system. Regular AC system maintenance by a qualified tech is an excellent place to start, and some routine things you can do may make that maintenance easier and more effective. 

Keep he Unit Clear

One of the most significant issues for techs doing AC system maintenance is accessing the air conditioning system outside the home. People like to hide the unit to make it look nicer outside their house, but when you do that, the tech has trouble getting to the unit and working on it. 

Bushes and plants hiding the AC unit are fine, but they need to be far enough away that the tech can work around the unit without having to sit in the bushes during the repairs. Keep the hedges trimmed back and out of the area directly around the AC system, and trim weeds, grass, or other growth away from the HVAC system case when you cut the lawn.

The tech doing the AC system maintenance will be better able to work on the system, and they will appreciate your effort. 

Cleaning Vents

The vents in your home can get very dusty between AC system maintenance calls. Cleaning the vents with a vacuum cleaner will help keep dirt and dust from flying around the house, and if the filter on the AC system is clean, you will have much higher air quality in your home. 

The tech doing your AC system maintenance will change all the filters for you, but they are not going to clean the vents unless you pay for a cleaning. You should not clean inside the ductwork, but the grates or vents should be cleaned or even washed down to remove mold, mildew, dirt, and other contaminants that have settled on them, especially if the system has been off all winter. 

Set It and Forget It

Setting the thermostat once and leaving it where it is can help with your AC system maintenance. The system will not work as hard to keep your home cool if you keep the system set to a consistent temperature. 

Once the home is cool, the AC system will come on for a few minutes at a time and maintain the temperature, but if you change the setting regularly, the AC system will run more often and have to work harder to bring the temperature down in your home if it gets hot. 

Pick a comfortable temperature to set your thermostat on, then leave it there. It can save you money, keep your home comfortable, and reduce the wear and tear on the AC system.

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