Myths About Repairing Your Furnace

During the winter months, your furnace can be the most important appliance in your home. Not surprisingly, believing some common myths about furnace systems can contribute to a homeowner being unable to care for these systems throughout all the wear that they can experience in the winter months.

Myth: Running The Furnace On The Fan-Only Setting Can Damage The Unit

If your furnace system relies on forced air, you can use the system to circulate air throughout the home without the system generating heat by running it in the fan-only setting. Unfortunately, some homeowners may not take advantage of this option due to assuming that it will damage the system or that it may not provide much in the way of benefits. In reality, this can be extremely beneficial as it will allow for the homeowner to filter out much of the dust that could be floating in the air. As an added benefit, this can also reduce the amount of dust that collects on the furnace system, which could reduce the risk of clogged exterior vents posing performance problems for the system.

Myth: Condensation On The Exterior Of The Furnace Is Not A Significant Problem

Condensation on the exterior of the furnace may not seem like it will be a very damaging problem, but this repeated moisture exposure can cause the exterior of the furnace system to fully rust. This rust will be able to weaken the exterior of the furnace so that punctures can be more likely. Luckily, it can be possible to limit this problem with the use of a dehumidifying system in the area of the house where the furnace is located. This can lower the ambient humidity enough so that condensation will be far less likely to form on the exterior of the furnace.

Myth: Most Furnace Problems Will Require A Replacement

In addition to being an extremely important appliance, the furnace of your home will also be extremely valuable. Luckily, the majority of the problems that the furnace encounters can be repaired without the need to have the entire unit replaced. Often, widespread corrosion may be one of the few types of damage that will require the entire system to be replaced as it may not be possible to replace all of the components that were damaged by the corrosion. While the majority of the problems that your furnace encounters can be repaired, these repairs should be scheduled quickly. Otherwise, you risk the furnace developing secondary damage due to complications resulting from the original problem.

Reach out to a professional if you need furnace repairs