What Are The Risks Of Using An Old Commercial HVAC System?

As many business owners know, newer HVAC models come with convenient technologies and could be more efficient than their older counterparts. But besides the efficiency, they are also safe and reliable. To understand this better, read on to learn the risks that your old commercial system could pose to your customers to employees.

1. Dirt and Bacteria 

An old HVAC system is likely to have clogged ducts or filters that may allow pollen, debris, and dust into the cool air supplied to your business. Inhaling contaminated air may cause throat, nose, and eye irritation or aggravate respiratory complications such as asthma. Sick employees mean less production and reduced business profits. If you want to ensure your workforce is as healthy and productive as possible, start by seeking commercial HVAC installation services to ensure your indoor air is healthy.

2. Sick Building Syndrome

Have you ever stepped into an office and felt like someone was sucking the air out of your lungs? This is called sick building syndrome. It comes with headaches, sore eyes, rashes, difficulty concentrating, or itchy skin. But what causes sick building syndrome? You guessed it right, contaminated air. So if your commercial HVAC system is old and unmaintained, you can bet it could be exposing your employees and customers to sick building syndrome. That old unit has to go. Engage a reliable contractor for commercial HVAC installation service. 

3. Fire Hazards

An old HVAC system will likely have worn motors, fans, and clogged filters. This means your unit will overheat within a few hours of operation and could set your business ablaze. A fire could mean the end of your business and hefty compensation for injured workers and customers. You can prevent these dangers associated with the old, faulty HVAC system and call a seasoned commercial HVAC installation service for a new one.

4. Unbearable Temperatures

An old commercial HVAC system may blow hot air instead of cold refreshing air, making your indoor business temperatures unbearable. This could cause heat stroke, particularly if you have infants and elderly people in the building. If a customer visits your business and ends up getting heat stroke, you can bet that is the last time you will be seeing them. You need to be retaining and acquiring customers, not losing them. As such, if your old HVAC unit is working against client retention, you could use commercial HVAC installation services.

Is your commercial HVAC getting up there in the years? You might want to engage a reputable commercial HVAC installation contractor. They will help you find a modern HVAC system that can keep your business comfortable and safe from the above risks. For more information, contact a company like Steve Patrick Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Inc.