Central AC Vs. Window Units

When it comes time to install AC in your home, you have quite a few options. Generally, you need to choose between installing central air-conditioning or window AC units. This article discusses the key differences between the two. It should help you decide which will be best for your property.

Window AC Units

There are many great things about window AC units. First of all, they are very convenient and easy to install. Basically, they just rest in an open window frame and just need to be plugged in. Installation is very simple. You only need to secure a couple of screws in the mounting bracket, and plug in the power supply. Modern window units have HEPA filtering and improved energy efficiency ratings.

However, there are some serious limitations when it comes to window AC units. First of all, they can only be installed in windows with movable frames. Also, they have a very limited range. Usually, they are only meant for a single room or a small studio. In order to cool off bigger rooms, you often need to use electric fans to circulate the air. Since window AC units already use so much electricity, adding fans to the equation is going to make it even more expensive. Window AC units are easy to find and cheap to install, but they definitely aren't the cheapest option in the long term, if you live in a home with multiple rooms and levels.

Central AC

The initial investment for the installation of a central air-conditioning system is obviously going to be far more significant than that of even three or four window units. That being said, central AC systems work much more efficiently and effectively. You'll be able to maintain consistent, comfortable temperatures throughout every room in the house.

Of course, the installation of central AC is only possible if your home already has a central ducting system. Most buildings are equipped with ducting for the heating system, so this is not an issue. Professional installers will retrofit the condenser, evaporator, and everything else essential to a central AC system. Additionally, central AC systems definitely have better filtering. This is a major consideration, if you are worried about dust, mold, or allergens.

Basically, window AC units are really only good in small rooms and studios. In a large home, central AC is the way to go. It is a more cost-effective, longterm invest for your home. For more information, talk to companies like Hospitality heating and air conditioning Inc.