Signs Of Heating Pump Failure In Your Industrial Heating System

You rely on your company's heating system to keep your business running safely and effectively. Whether you use heating to preserve and control the temperature of a warehouse to protect inventory or to create a comfortable environment for employees — or both — you want to make sure your heater is working as it should.

There are signs your HVAC system will give you when the heater is beginning to fail. The heating pump, in particular, is essential to your HVAC system's operation as the main function of this mechanism is to aide in the transfer of heat energy into your building. Here are signs your heating pump is failing in your heater; your HVAC specialist will repair or replace this element of your heater as needed.

Inefficient air quality

Your heating pump will either produce a weak heat throw that is barely felt or not sufficient enough to fill the square footage it once did, or the heating pump will produce cool or lukewarm air if the unit is failing. Pay attention to how often you have to adjust your thermostat or how long it takes your heater to heat the building. If your heating pump is failing, you'll notice that the room takes too long to heat.

Higher energy bills

Any part of your heating system that is failing may cause more energy to be used in an effort to make up for loss of function. When your heating pump is failing, your energy usage will likely go up, causing your energy bills to be higher. Talk to your HVAC specialist about investing in a ductless heating pump for more energy-efficient heating in your building. Your HVAC specialist will discuss heating replacement and repair costs with you and help you compare different heating pump models based on your budget and the square footage you need to keep warm.

Lack of air

If a heat pump fails completely, other components of your HVAC system may be failing as well. Your fan may not work in addition to the heating pump being worn out, which equals lack of air in your system. Sometimes the heating pump may kick on, producing weak or cold air. If this is happening repeatedly and lasting for longer periods of time, call for repairs before the unit fails entirely. The right care will allow your company's heating system to work more efficiently and help prevent breakdowns in the future. You can discover more about heat pumps here!