4 Commercial Refrigeration Design Improvements To Cut Energy Costs And Improve Your Business

If your business uses commercial refrigeration for storing products, efficiency is important to keep your operating costs down. With older systems, this can be a problem due to inefficient mechanical designs. Therefore, if you are updating systems or installing new commercial refrigeration, you want the design to be efficient. The following commercial refrigeration design improvements will help ensure your mechanical systems are efficient and your operating costs are low: 

1. Better Insulation to Reduce Energy Loss and Air Leaks in Refrigerated Storage Areas 

The insulation of refrigerated spaces is one of the first areas where you will want to consider improving the design of your commercial refrigeration systems. These are areas where improvements to thermal barriers and reducing air leaks can help make your mechanical systems more efficient. Consider using features like spray form roofing and insulated panels during installation to help improve the thermal barriers and make your commercial refrigeration system more efficient.  

2. Automation Improvements for Simple Energy Improvements That Make Refrigeration More Efficient 

Automation improvements are some of the best solutions to make your commercial refrigeration systems more efficient. This can be in the form of lights that are controlled by motion sensors and timers and entrances that are automated with doors that close automatically. 

3. Renewable Energy and Energy-Efficient Refrigeration Systems to Make Mechanical Systems More Efficient 

Renewable energy improvements can also be integrated into the design of commercial refrigeration systems. This can be something as simple as solar-powered lighting and minor improvements. The renewable energy can also be used in the form of geothermal mechanical designs or solar panels that are used to power compressors, fans, and other components of the refrigeration systems.  

4. Better Hardware and Dock Equipment Designs to Reduce Energy Loss of Commercial Refrigeration Systems 

The hardware of your commercial mechanical systems can also be improved. This can be things like weather stripping of doors or entrances at loading docks. These are areas with the biggest air leaks, and simple improvements here can help greatly reduce energy loss in your business. These dock improvements can include double barrier systems that stop the cool air from escaping the refrigerated spaces.  

These are some commercial mechanical system improvements to make your commercial refrigeration design more efficient. If you are ready to start improving the design of the mechanical systems in your business, contact a commercial refrigeration installation service and talk to them about some of these improvements.