Weatherization And AC Maintenance To Prepare Your Home For Colder Temperatures

As the weather gets cooler outside, you may have forgotten all about your air conditioner.It is time to start doing AC maintenance again, but what needs to be done is different than the AC maintenance you have done during the summer months. The following winterization and AC maintenance information will help you prepare your home for colder temperatures:

Cleaning the AC unit and weatherization

You need to start with maintenance and prepare for weatherization if you AC unit is located outside of your house. Make sure that dirt and debris from trees and landscaping are removed—and then cover the unit with a cover that is specially designed for AC weatherization. These AC covers are designed to protect the unit and to allow air to flow through the unit to prevent problems with moisture being trapped beneath a cover or tarp.

Changing all the dampers in the ductwork

The HVAC system in your home has dampers in the air handlers and ductwork. These are valves that are adjusted to change the airflow. They need to be adjusted when switching your system from cooling to heating. The ducts also need to be checked for air leaks and damage that needs to be repaired before the winter months. If the damage is minor, such as issues with air leaks, use duct tape and do the repairs yourself. When damage to air handlers and ducts is more severe, call an HVAC service for help with repairs.

Making sure condensation lines are clear and plugged

The condensing unit is another area where you are going to want to do maintenance and weatherization. The condensing drain lines take moisture and condensation out of your home that is produced by the cooling process. Before winter, you are going to want to blow moisture out of the lines with air. Use an air nozzle for a compressor or set a shop vacuum in reverse to blow air through the lines. Once the lines are clean and dry, you are also going to want to plug them.

Keep the outdoor unit clean and clear during winter

Now, you have had all the winterization and maintenance done to your AC, but this does not mean the work is over. You want to continue checking the unit to make sure it has not been damaged during storms and that it stays clean and free of debris. Occasionally, remove any windblown debris from around the AC unit to ensure that this does not cause any problems.

The weatherization and maintenance that you have done now will ensure that you do not have problems with your AC when the weather gets warmer again. Call an AC maintenance service like Baton Rouge Air Conditioning & Heating for help with weatherization and maintenance before the cold weather is here.