Air Conditioning Installation Guide to Give You Efficient Home Cooling Before Summer

The summer will be here soon, and you will want efficient cooling. Therefore, it may be time to start planning the installation of a new AC system. You will want to decide on the type of system and design to improve efficiency. The following AC installation guide will help give you efficient home cooling before it gets hot:

The Most Efficient Modern AC Systems

There are many options for efficient air conditioning systems. These systems can be high-efficiency condensing units or modern AC heat pumps. Talk with your installer about the best solution for your home. You may want to consider compact ducts or ductless systems for modern AC with a more efficient design.

Ductwork Designs for Efficient HVAC

The ductwork is another area where you will want to plan an efficient design for your new AC. There are several options to make the ducts more efficient, which include:

  • Compact high-velocity duct systems
  • Shorter duct runs with better insulation
  • Zoned HVAC designs to improve heating and cooling efficiency

The ducts are an important aspect of the design of your AC system. You want to consider options like zoned HVAC with automated dampers. If you are replacing the old ducts, try to shorten the runs whenever possible. This will reduce the energy loss as air travels through the ducts to the vents.

Choosing the Right Blower for Efficient AC

Today, there are also options for blower motors for the HVAC that are more efficient. These can be blower fans that use less energy to provide the system with airflow. These AC blower motors can also be variable speed designs. This means that the fan can adjust according to the airflow needs of the HVAC system. Ask your air conditioner installer about variable speed fans to maximize the efficiency of your new AC.

Options for More Efficient AC Thermostats

Lastly, you do not want to leave the AC thermostat off the list of improvements that need to be done. The simplest thermostat upgrade is to install a programmable unit. There are also various options for smart thermostats and mobile apps. The models with wireless connections and a mobile app will allow you to control your home's HVAC system remotely.

The right system and features will give your home an efficient cooling system before summer. Call an air conditioning installation service and talk to them about these solutions to prepare your home for summer.