Find Out If Your Central Air Conditioning Unit Needs Repaired

It is important to make sure that your central air conditioning unit is always in good shape. After all, you likely spent a lot of your hard-earned money on it and you and your loved ones want to stay cool during the hot weather. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you are well aware of what some of the signs of AC trouble are so you can call for air conditioning services as soon as possible. The longer a problem is allowed to exist, the more likely it is that more damage will be done to the unit. Here are some signs that it is time to call for air conditioning repair:

The Unit Doesn't Stay On Long Enough

Have you noticed that your air conditioning unit is not staying on as long as it should? It could be that it is turning off and staying off for a while or it cycles back into action within a few minutes. Either way, if it is out of the ordinary and the temperature in your home is not reaching what you have the thermostat at, you will want to call a local HVAC company. If you have a warranty on the unit, call the company that installed the AC system for you.

There Is Never Cold Air Sent Through The House

If the fan blows but the air that comes out of the vents is no longer cool, you want to schedule a repair appointment. It could be a problem with the Freon level. Do not continue to force the central AC unit to cool down your house if it is not working properly. You do not want to accidentally make the issue worse, causing you to have to spend more money on repairs. 

There Is A Lot Of Water Puddling Around The Unit

It is not uncommon for a little water to drain out of the central air conditioning unit. However, there should never be a huge puddle of water. If there is, you may want to go ahead and shut off the central air conditioning and then call an HVAC company. Even if the unit is still cooling the inside of your home, this is something that you want to address before it prevents your unit from producing enough cold air.

Always call as soon as you notice a problem so you do not have to wait too long to get your air conditioning system back in tip-top shape. Contact an air conditioning service to learn more.