3 Reasons That Can Cause Your Furnace Not to Ignite

As a homeowner, you're likely to discover that your furnace isn't working when you ignite it for the first time after the warm weather months. If you have been scheduling regular maintenance, the chances are that the problem could be as simple as a gas supply turned off. While this is a problem you can easily fix, some furnace ignition problems may require the attention of expert heating services providers. Below are some of the things that may cause your furnace not to ignite.

1. You have a faulty thermostat

A thermostat communicates with the furnace by telling it when to start or switch off. When your thermostat isn't working correctly or configured correctly, your furnace will not turn on. A simple way to confirm the functionality of your thermostat is to ensure that your thermostat is configured to the "heat" mode. The temperature setting should also be set to a level that can tell the furnace to start up. You should also inspect for dust build-up. If there's too much dust build-up, it can affect your thermostat sensor and impair its functionality. If these solutions don't solve your problem, contact experienced heating services providers to inspect your thermostat as you might have other issues like faulty wiring.

2. The flame sensor could be dirty

A flame sensor is a device that extends from your furnace burner and helps to detect whether the burners are lit. If the sensors don't detect heat from the burners, they may shut off the gas supply to prevent safety issues. In case there's a buildup of dirt and debris on the sensor, it can cause an improper reading that can shut off the gas from your furnace burner.  Therefore, cleaning the surface of the sensor can help solve your problem. If your furnace doesn't ignite even after cleaning this part, you should consult heating services providers to inspect the sensor and advice on the need for repair or replacement.

3. There could be issues with your gas line

When your furnace doesn't ignite, the first thing you need to inspect is whether your gas is turned on. You can do this by checking whether other appliances like your stove are working or if the shut-off valve is turned off. If your gas is turned on, you could be dealing with a more serious issue like a leak or blockage to your gas supply line. Therefore, if you can smell gas, shut off the gas line to your house and contact experienced heating services providers.

When you notice that your furnace isn't igniting, it's crucial to seek heating services immediately. This will help prevent any minor issues from escalating to a point you may need to replace your furnace.