Is Your Air Conditioner Fan Motor Failing?

An AC incorporates a system of components working cohesively to deliver a comfortable cooling output. One of these components, the fan motor, is responsible for turning the blower to circulate cool air out of the system into your home. Over time, the fan motor may wear down, causing it to malfunction. This may result in inconsistent temperatures across your house and a spike in your electric bills. Thus, you should hire an AC service contractor to assess your unit and fix it for seamless air circulation. Below are some signs that your AC fan motor is failing:

Unusual Sounds

The blower motor could be defective if it makes loud clanking or rattling sounds. This issue is due to debris infiltrating the outdoor unit's cabinet and hitting the motor as it runs. On the other hand, your fan motor will likely emit a buzzing noise to indicate a bad start capacitor. Similarly, you will hear a humming noise if your blower motor cannot spin even when power reaches it. In any case, you need to engage an AC professional to inspect the motor and fix the cause of the noises for a less-disruptive operation.

Weak Airflow

A weak airflow from the vents may indicate that your blower motor is failing. This is because the motor sustains age-related deterioration, reducing its operational efficiency. As a result, there is additional strain on the system, whereby it consumes more energy while reducing the cooling output. The motor's capacitor may also draw more power than it should if it degrades. On the other hand, shot motor bearings impede a smooth rotation, causing the blades to turn slowly. Subsequently, low blower speed will result in weak airflow from the vents.

No Air From the Vents

If dirt and grime infiltrate the outdoor unit, they may prevent it from venting. This will likely lead to the motor burning out, causing it to cut out power. Alternatively, if the motor windings short out or a wire becomes loose, it may lead to the fan running at irregular intervals. Over time, the blower motor may also burn out and cease functioning, which causes the fan not to spin, thereby not blowing cold air.

The Fan Keeps Running When the AC Is Shut Down

When you set your blower to the AUTO position, it should only run during cooling cycles. Accordingly, if the blower keeps running after shutting down the unit, the motor resister could be faulty. This may result from corrosion or overheating, causing the fan motor to remain stuck on one fan speed. Consequently, you will experience the blower running non-stop as it fails to respond to commands.

A faulty blower motor may increase strain on the entire system, which may cause secondary damage to other components. Therefore, you should employ the services of an AC service expert to fix your unit and regularly maintain it for peak performance. 

For more information about AC services, contact a local company.