Things That Cause Your Central Air Conditioner To Make Odd Noises Or Get Louder Than Usual

Your air conditioner often makes loud or unusual noises when it starts to malfunction. When you hear these noises, call an air conditioning repair company for help. Depending on what's wrong with your equipment, you might do more harm by running the AC when a part is malfunctioning. Here are possible reasons your AC is too loud or making odd noises.

When The Condenser Is Noisy

There might be a problem with the condenser fan if it makes loud noises when it turns on. A blade might be loose and scraping the metal condenser cage. The problem could also be bad bearings in the fan motor.

The compressor can get noisy too. If it seems much louder than usual when it kicks on, you may want an air conditioning repair technician to check it. The compressor might run for a long time yet even though it's loud, so the repair technician will help you determine if you want to replace it or not.

Other parts of the condenser include the capacitor and contactor. Both of these can make odd noises when they're wearing out. When the fan, capacitor, or contactor goes bad, it can be replaced to solve the noise problem.

It's a good idea to listen to your AC when it's working properly so you know what it's supposed to sound like. That helps you identify problems that begin with odd or loud noises.

When The Air Handler Makes Odd Noises

The air handler is home to the blower that moves air through your home's ducts. This is similar to the condenser fan in that the blower motor might get noisy when it starts to go bad. This motor also has a capacitor to help it start, and if the capacitor goes bad, it might make an unusual humming noise.

The air handler might also make random rattling noises. These might be due to loose screws or a loose panel that's rattling against metal. While this noise may not be a sign of impending AC failure, it's annoying and you probably want to get it fixed.

Another odd noise you might hear from the air handler is dripping. Condensation forms on the evaporator coil and normally flows outdoors, but if the drain is clogged, water might spill out of the collection pan and drip on the floor. This can lead to water damage, so you'll want an air conditioning repair technician to open up the clogged drain so water can empty out of the condensation pan again.