The Case For Installing A High-Efficiency Furnace

The AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) rating is often one of the first things you'll see when looking at any new furnace. The AFUE provides an at-a-glance indication of a furnace's ability to convert its fuel source into heat for your home. A higher AFUE rating means a furnace is more efficient and will cost you less to run each month. In practice, furnaces tend to fall into two broad categories: standard efficiency and high efficiency. Read More 

Signs Of A Burner Malfunction In Your Gas Furnace And How A Repair Technician Fixes The Problem

If your gas furnace isn't running properly, the issue might be with the burners. It's important for the burners to be clean or the burners may not ignite properly. This can keep your furnace from starting up. Here are some signs your gas burners might be malfunctioning and how a repair technician can clean them to fix the problem. Signs Of Dirty Furnace Burners If the burners are dirty, the flame might be weak and not able to produce enough heat to keep your home warm. Read More 

Things That Cause Your Central Air Conditioner To Make Odd Noises Or Get Louder Than Usual

Your air conditioner often makes loud or unusual noises when it starts to malfunction. When you hear these noises, call an air conditioning repair company for help. Depending on what's wrong with your equipment, you might do more harm by running the AC when a part is malfunctioning. Here are possible reasons your AC is too loud or making odd noises. When The Condenser Is Noisy There might be a problem with the condenser fan if it makes loud noises when it turns on. Read More 

Is Your Air Conditioner Fan Motor Failing?

An AC incorporates a system of components working cohesively to deliver a comfortable cooling output. One of these components, the fan motor, is responsible for turning the blower to circulate cool air out of the system into your home. Over time, the fan motor may wear down, causing it to malfunction. This may result in inconsistent temperatures across your house and a spike in your electric bills. Thus, you should hire an AC service contractor to assess your unit and fix it for seamless air circulation. Read More 

An Introduction To Furnace Tune-Ups

HVAC professionals provide all the services your furnace could ever need. But, what exactly is involved when a contractor offers a furnace tune-up? HVAC technicians have an involved checklist of tasks to perform during a furnace tune-up. Here's an introduction to what furnace tune-ups entail and when you might need one. What's Included in a Furnace Tune-Up? 1. Cleaning Dust is the hidden enemy of any HVAC system. A coating of dust on the inside of your AC can cause it to overheat and even poses a risk of fire. Read More