Smoking And Air Conditioners: What Homeowners Need To Know

While world health organizations continue to encourage people to give up smoking, millions of Americans still find it hard to kick the habit. Smoking indoors presents a health hazard to anyone who has to breathe in the smoke. What's more, this habit can take its toll on the home, including your air conditioning system. Learn how smoking can affect your air conditioner, and find out why these systems cannot protect people from second-hand smoke. Read More 

8 Ways To Reduce Your Heating Bills

Heating bills can easily be one of your biggest expenses during the winter months. If you live in a large home or one that is not well insulated, you could pay hundreds of dollars a month just in heating costs. Instead of allowing heating bills to completely kill your budget, make some simple changes to get these costs under control. Here are eight effective ways to reduce your heating bills: Read More 

Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Can Your Outdoor Tankless Water Heater Handle It?

Freezing temperatures can do a number on your home and no other part of it is more vulnerable than its plumbing. This is especially true if your home is equipped with an outdoor-mounted tankless water heater. These types of water heaters are popular in areas of the United States where temperate climates are the norm. However, unpredictable cold snaps could easily affect how your tankless water heater functions. Most Units Offer Short-Term Freeze Protection Read More 

How To Investigate And Repair Central Air Conditioning Drainage Issues

If you have a central air conditioning unit that cools your home, then you most likely have a two part system where the condenser sits outside the home and the evaporator sits inside. As refrigerant moves from the exterior unit to the indoor one, it compresses and pulls heat from the surrounding air. The cool air is then pumped into your house. When this occurs, condensation often builds on the outsides of the coils. Read More 

Holiday House Guests: 5 Preventative Measures To Keep The Plumbing Running Smoothly

When friends and family come to visit for the holidays, it can create great memories, but it can also drastically change the daily routine that you keep at home. As you plan for your guests' arrival, there are many factors that you need to prepare in the home. One of these areas is the plumbing. With an increased amount of guests, there will be more showers, more use of the bathroom, and more dishes to clean. Read More