Is Your Air Conditioner Fan Motor Failing?

An AC incorporates a system of components working cohesively to deliver a comfortable cooling output. One of these components, the fan motor, is responsible for turning the blower to circulate cool air out of the system into your home. Over time, the fan motor may wear down, causing it to malfunction. This may result in inconsistent temperatures across your house and a spike in your electric bills. Thus, you should hire an AC service contractor to assess your unit and fix it for seamless air circulation. Read More 

An Introduction To Furnace Tune-Ups

HVAC professionals provide all the services your furnace could ever need. But, what exactly is involved when a contractor offers a furnace tune-up? HVAC technicians have an involved checklist of tasks to perform during a furnace tune-up. Here's an introduction to what furnace tune-ups entail and when you might need one. What's Included in a Furnace Tune-Up? 1. Cleaning Dust is the hidden enemy of any HVAC system. A coating of dust on the inside of your AC can cause it to overheat and even poses a risk of fire. Read More 

3 Underlying Causes For A Frozen Evaporator Coil

Plenty of HVAC terminology can seem arcane and impenetrable to those without experience, but there's one problem that most people understand: frozen evaporator coils. As the name implies, this issue describes actual ice formation on the evaporator. Since moisture condenses from the air around your evaporator coils, various conditions can lead to that moisture freezing and forming a layer of ice. Unfortunately, ice is bad news for your air conditioning system. Read More 

What Are The Risks Of Using An Old Commercial HVAC System?

As many business owners know, newer HVAC models come with convenient technologies and could be more efficient than their older counterparts. But besides the efficiency, they are also safe and reliable. To understand this better, read on to learn the risks that your old commercial system could pose to your customers to employees. 1. Dirt and Bacteria  An old HVAC system is likely to have clogged ducts or filters that may allow pollen, debris, and dust into the cool air supplied to your business. Read More 

Air Conditioning Installation: Does Size Matter? What Dictates Your AC’s Size

When your home is due for a new air conditioner, there is a lot to consider before you decide to make a purchase. But the size of the equipment is perhaps the most important detail to factor in.  In this article, you'll discover four factors that affect how large or small your AC needs to be. Understanding these factors will enable you to make a more informed decision when buying or replacing your AC. Read More